Monday, April 20, 2009

So this past week, Doug and I took Drew and Hannah to DISNEYLAND!!! We had three day park hopper passes and we didn't stop movin' the whole time. California Adventure was great fun as well. This was their 16th birthday celebrations with the old folks. And hey, we are pretty dang fun. We got some cool pictures, and I'll post them when I figure out how. On the drive, we made them listen to CDs of "The Great And Terrible" but they didn't even complain about that - in fact, Hannah wants to borrow our books! While at Disneyland, Doug and I introduced them to a few of our traditions, like eating at "The Blue Bayou" while waving and singing to the people going on PIRATES. Can't you hear it? "Ho Ho Ho Ho a PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!" DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.................. It was so great, and I still intend to be cremated when I die and have 1/2 of my ashes spread over the Pirates. The last ride we took at C A was Tower of Terror, and then coincidentally when we got to our hotel in Las Vegas, our room was on the 16th floor. ( Drew and Hannah were such babies. ) I have to say that Dougie and I feel pretty blessed. Blessed to have the energy to hang out with these guys and even MORE, that they want to hang out with us. I asked Drew if it was weird to go to D L with his grandparents, and he said, "Heck no, most grandparents are OLD!" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! On that note, I shall check out the photos we took and see if I can share a few - but give me a few days. PS: Last night the Green kids came over to welcome us home, and I was literally "covered in gran'chill'ren" (Steel Magnolias) It made me smile.


~KELSEY~ said...

No fair Mimi, I miss you
Kelsey Talley

Annik said...

That's so great! Also how's that line go??? "All guys named Steve are gay and have track lighting." :)

crazy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk's said...

can you take me love you mimi katelin farmer