Thursday, January 7, 2010



Doug and I have been called to the Sacramento, California Mission!! We enter the MTC on March 1st. To be honest, we expected to go foreign, so we've had to readjust our think. We are not using the word disappointed - rather, surprised. We were so ready for a third world country. I asked Dougie if he was sorry that he wouldn't let me request a mission. He replied with faith: "So do you think if Heavenly Father needs us in Sacramento it would have made a difference?" He is amazing. My calling says: Mission Medical Advisor. Doug's says: Mission Medical Advisor Assistant. When he read his, he said, "It's finally out - who's the boss." Whatever- he can do anything, and will probably make a huge contribution to the mission while I am checking ear wax, fungal feet and diarrhea. We feel it's very important to do whatever Heavenly Father wants us to do, and I'm still processing the whole adventure. Doug says we'll have this conversation in 18 months, and then we will know exactly why we were sent to Sacramento.

Here are a few things I'm worried about:
  • Brownie, our dog that is 100 dog years and deaf, will die while we're gone.
  • We are going to miss Drew's and Hannah's graduations.
  • We are going to miss Abby's baptism.
  • I look like a nursing home patient in my mission clothes.
  • I'm going to miss a ton of great movies while we're gone.
  • I can't listen to Willie Nelson for 18 months.
  • Doug says we can't break even one mission rule.
  • Our Mission President is going to croak when he meets me.
  • I'm really good at placing PICC lines, but ear wax? Not so much.
  • What will my grandbabes do without us?
  • ..and what will I do without my grandbabes?
  • I have a bit of trouble with compliance.
  • I will miss my Stake Relief Society calling -
  • I know, you're thinking, "No Way!"
  • What if they want me to proselyte?

Things I am excited about:

  • It's 64 degrees there in the afternoons.
  • There's a temple right in town.
  • I have Sacto cousins that I haven't seen in 50 years
  • Don and Rayleen live in the mission boundaries - they haven't joined the church YET.
  • I have some Laotian dinners lined up (I am nervous about eating dog though.)
  • We're going to do some good.
  • Oldies have a bit more freedom. I think I can email my grandbabes when I need to.
  • I love young adults - I'll be seeing a bunch of them, that's for sure.
  • I'm the SENIOR COMPANION!! tee hee
  • My neice lives in Marin County.
  • We have the means to pull this off.


Karen said...

Congrats Patsy! You will do great. My parents loved their mission and we were all blessed tremendously during their absence. They even got their 31 year old starving artist son who had been living off of them before their mission married off while they were gone....and to a doctor nonetheless.

COURTNEY said...

congrats meme&Doug you guys will do awesome work!

Dave and Bianca Lisonbee said...

We are sooo excited for you! You two will be amazing! The people there are in for such a treat! Have a great week at the MTC. You are in for a great ride!

Buona Fortuna!