Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I didn't want to work at American Fork Hospital that day for a plethora of reasons. While the practice is exactly the same, the territory is not. Because the main nurse at AF got all of my long bones when we were picking out bodies, I have to drag a stool around all day as I search for supplies that have been placed in nonsensical high places. There, I said it. It turned out to be a pretty good day though, working with my friend Kimmie. I had just bought a pair of really expensive shoes thinking that the price would match the comfort. It didn't. At the end of the day, MY FEET WERE KILLING ME. When I checked out, I promptly took the evil shoes off, poured myself a Pepsi and headed for my car. What do you know? In the front drive of the hospital, Julie Beck was in her car, waiting alone. I mouthed, "Are YOU who I think you are?" She smiled and mouthed, "Yes." I just couldn't help it. I had to amble over in my bare feet (with my deep purple toenails from my recent nervous breakdown pedicure) with Pepsi and shoes in hand an have a visit. I told her that she was my HERO. I also admitted that if she knew my background she would be surprised. She asked "Why?" I said, "I have been to all of the Gen Pres mtgs in the last two years, and I think you have changed the face of Relief Society." She asked "How?" I just said, "You are real." She just smiled shyly again. She asked what my calling was. I said that I was in the Stake RS Presidency, but was probably about to be released because I'm just not RS material. She looked at me kind of strangely. I told her it was a long story. She said, "You ARE Relief Society material. All you have to do is love and serve the sisters." I showed her my nurse badge thingo and said, "I do that- I'm a nurse." Now I was getting a bit nervous so I changed the subject. I told her what a sister had said about her in a lesson I was giving the month before. This sister served a mission in Brazil. Julie's father was the Mission President and Julie was just a child. The sister said,"Julie was just not like the other children- she was kinder, happier, and more spiritual." Sister Beck sort of blushed a bit and said -"I was just a regular kid, but I did live in the MISSION HOME. The sister missionaries were my role models. I loved them. I wanted to be just like them. I dressed like them. I took my scriptures with me everywhere." For the 3 millionth time I pictured my crazy life. Out of the blue I said, "There's the difference. My role model was Cher Bono." SO NOT ONLY IS MY MOUTH SPEAKING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, BUT IT IS BEGINNING TO LIE!!!!! Cher Bono was NEVER my role model. In fact, when my wild little 7 year old girl raved about Cher's beautiful clothes, I went apoplectic. The bad thing is, Sister Beck doesn't know about my stupid independent mouth probably. Plus also, (I've been reading Junie B) I'll never get the chance to explain my pseudo Turrets to her. Anyhow, how many people get to have a little one on one with their hero? Me, Myself and I did!


The Cook Family said...

I am soooo jealous! I LOVE her!!! What a cool opportunity!

Wildflower Bill said...

Patsy, you are a wonderful "one of a kind" that all of us need in our lives. You lift my spirits more than you can imagine.

Bill Mahaffey