Friday, July 17, 2009


We have been going to the Paris, Idaho 4th of July celebrations for a lot of years. The parade is very old school - lots of tractors and trucks, but WE LOVE IT! After the parade, they have a youth rodeo, which is very fun for the kids. In 1995, Ryan won the PIG in the pig chase. We had a brand new van and I wasn't about to take it home. Some farmer sensed our ignorance and paid Ry $40.00 for a pig worth much more. The little cowboys were clearly annoyed that a city boy had outed them.

Not to be outdone by his little brother, in 1999 Cody decided to ride a steer. It was an exciting ride (for all of us) and lo and behold, he LANDED ON HIS FEET! That's when he was still a Californian too!

Wow, this rodeo thing is contagious. This is Drewby just after riding the sheep. He won a dollar!! The little guy was not quite 7, and a city boy to boot.

Okay, this is getting out of hand. This would be the CHICKEN that Audrey won in the chicken chase (in her lap.) We left this one at the cabin (1998,) but the next year SHE WON ONE AGAIN; her parents let her take it home.

So this year (2009) Shelby (white helmet) took her turn riding a steer! She did pretty well, but the stupid animal stepped all over her after it bucked her off. I think her rib was broken, but I'm only the nurse of the family.

This is Vincent with the ribbon he pulled off of the calf's tail. (Actually Sidney held the tail while he pulled the ribbon off, so she should have shared the Popsicles package he won. He was very upset that he got Popsicles - he thought he had won the calf.

This would be DENICE - the GOAT that Drew won this year!!! Oh my Gosh. He even beat Audrey in the race (Audrey, the track star!!) Tee Hee. So we talked his parents in to letting him keep her, but little did he know that he had to milk her at least two times a day!!! The whole fam damily participated in the milking - except me. Maggie was delighted to feed the goat milk to her two baby MICE. Doug offered to drive Denice home in his trailer, but Elizabeth was worried about the ramifications of her going 70 miles an hour down the freeway with a full bag of milk shaking. Drew rigged up a little party hat for her horns so they wouldn't tear the upholstery and they loaded her up IN HER VAN!! So she had three active kids, a hyperactive dog, two baby mice and A LACTATING GOAT IN HER VAN. What a sport! She vowed that she wasn't going to milk her, but as a former nursing mother, she empathetically milked her twice a day until Drew and Doug picked her up.


The Cook Family said...

I am LAUGHING sooo hard! I LOVE the rodeo stories and I am so sad that I missed out on it all! What great memories! I always knew that I loved Elizabeth but now I know that she is MY HERO!!! What a good sport!

Annik said...

Holy cow... er goat! Patsy you make you me laugh!